ETH 2.0 Validator pool

About the Pool

If you want to participate in Ethereum's new proof-of-stake consensus mechanism without locking up the full required 32 ETH, then ETHYS ETH2.0 pool is the best option. Our Eth 2.0 pool allows deposits of any size with bonus rewards.

The pool runs the prism validator clients. Currently centralized all balances in our depositing smart contract will be imported into the decentralized system when its available.

Road to Decentralization

Blockchain software is all about decentralization; We think its crucial that our pool, like our other systems, are as decentralized as possible.

Currently it's not possible to withdraw from the ETH 2.0 Beacon chain to the ETH 1 main network, rendering all decentralized options impossible. However, next year Ethereum will continue with its upgrade to 2.0, and withdrawal to smart-contracts will be possible. At the soonest time possible we will implement a decentralized solution, and import all balances from the current centralized option. This upgrade will be seem-less.

If decentralization is important to you, but so to is earning rewards now, then ETHYS pool is the best option!


Rewards are earned by validating blocks, similar to how miners would mine blocks. Returns wll change depending on how many validators are active, you can calculate your ROI here. Of your rewards, 10% will go back to the ETHY-ETHYS network (you can earn this back by staking your ETHYS).

Rewards cannot be claimed until the beacon and main network chains have merged.


There is one major requirement for staking on this platform: For every ETH you wish to stake, you must also have an ETHYS staked. For example to stake 0.5 ETH you will have to have also staked 0.5 ETHYS. Unlike an entrance fee you will actually earn rewards for staking your ETHYS as well as being granted admission to the pool!

How to stake

  1. Getting ETHYS
    Before you can stake you will need to get some ETHYS. You can buy ETHYS on Uniswap here: Buy ETHYS.

  2. Staking ETHYS
    Next you will have to stake some ETHYS. You will need to take 1 ETHYS for each ETH you want to deposit: On click "Staking". Insert the amount of ETHYS you wish to stake, enter a stake duration and then click the stake button.

  3. Deposit ETH
    Visit and click "ETH 2.0 Pool" in the quick links section. Enter the amount of ETH you wish to deposit and click "Deposit"

Validator information:

  • Client: Prysm v1.0.5
  • Deposits contract: (centralized version - proxy) 0x6cb07d3062a137aDCa0614Dfc88d3A885b26C52F
  • Validator addresses:
    • one - 0xcff75eEd9b2AFB9a4999B49cd2E10ea3D473839c

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