If your looking for ETH 2.0 Staking please see: ETH 2.0 Staking

There are two fundamental types of staking with Ethereum Stake, each is implemented slightly different and offer unique rewards.

  • Strong Hand Staking – You can stake tokens like ETHYS or ETHY, in the strong hand contract to receive rewards. Strong hand staking is designed to provide price stability to ETHY ecosystem assets, its a method for distributing fees collected from the weak hand tax to those who have strong hands. Rewards are in the form of ETHYS and ETH.

  • Validator Staking – ETH 2.0 will see the proof-of-work Ethereum network, slowly migrate to proof-of-stake. Instead of miners validators will stake their Ethereum to mint new blocks. The minimum deposit required to become a validator is 32 ETH. ETHYS will provide a pool allow users to band together to become validators and bring the validation rewards to the ETHY ecosystem. Rewards are in the form of ETHYS and ETH.

Staking is good for everybody

Stakers will see obviously benefits in terms of collecting direct rewards, but staking is good for the whole ecosystem! As more users stake and lock their tokens, even non-staked holders see benefits, as there is a fall in available supply, amplifying any increases in demand and mitigating any falls. The more that is staked, the strong the upwards price forces will be.

You can't panic sell if your tokens are locked for 3 months, this benefits everyone.

Staking Road-Map

ETHYS supports Strong Hand Staking, providing both ETHYS and ETH rewards.

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