Troubleshooting problems:

Common issues and solutions:

The recommended way to use is with Metamask on desktop. You can easily import any account from another wallet to your metamask browser extension. Find more about that here.

Trouble Claiming

If you are having trouble claiming your pre-sale ethys, you can claim directly via etherscan:

  1. connect wallet
  2. click 2.claim
  3. click write & confirm the tx (remember to set gas to high if you want transaction to process fast)

Once the transaction is confirmed your tokens have been deposited.

Long pending times

Unfortunately long pending times are down to the ethereum network. Ensure you send all transactions with a high gas price to prevent waiting for too long.

Invalid Session

Invalid session is often shown to wallet-connect users, after wallet connect has killed there session.

To solve this attempt reconnecting:

  1. First disconnect on site, by pressing the button in the top right corner.
  2. Second disconnect in your wallet. If you have that option.
  3. Reload the page.
  4. Click connect and reconnect wallet.
  5. Ensure you see the start of you wallets address in the top right.

If problems persist you might have to clear your cache or migrate ot metamask.

Can't see ETHYS in my wallet

  1. Ensure you have ETHYS in your wallet by visiting your account address on etherscan and located ETHYS in the tokens dropdown.

  2. Add ETHYS to your wallet of choice:

Uniswap error

Users who have not accounted for the weak hand fee will see an error when trying to sell on uniswap.

There is a 5% weak-hand tax, when selling, this is redistributed to stakers. (If you want to mitigate this simply stake from the minimum time.)

To sell on Uniswap you must increase the slippage to 6-10%, find out how to do this here

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